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You’re Only As Good / As Safe / As Compliant As Your Supplier

Here’s a question to consider:

Do your ingredient suppliers meet or exceed your quality standards? Or are they a source of issues that constantly need to be addressed? file0001154350520

Your answer to this question is more important now than ever before for two specific reasons:

  1. FSMA requires detailed accountability standards, and
  2. The most recent pet food recalls have lead to higher consumer expectations.

If your food faces a potential recall situation, it’s best to assess up front who will be held responsible. Will it be you or your supplier?  The answer to this question is important, but keep this in mind as well:  Even if the recall is due to a breakdown in your supplier’s processes, your company’s name on the product recall will affect your public image, and therefore your bottom line. 

While I know it is tempting for very small pet food manufacturers to consider opting out of FSMA participation, I  highly discourage it for the reasons mentioned here and so you have multiple layers of accountability.

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