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You Can’t Say “Buffalo” Any More

I bet that got your attention!American Bison

Here’re a few more details to clarify what I’m saying: The term “Buffalo“ as a pet food ingredients is no longer acceptable. It has been replaced. The choices are “bison,” “water buffalo,” “North American buffalo,” or “North American bison.” “Buffalo” as a stand alone term is done.

Apparently there was some lack of clarity/transparency in the industry regarding the interchangeability between the terms “buffalo” and “bison.” The problem came when somebody used water buffalo ingredient, called it buffalo, and placed a picture of a North American Bison on the package of their food. As a result, we have new feed terms to differentiate.

Not much else of consequence happened for our members. The only other significant feed term is the word “treat” was defined. It is “a food provided occasionally for enjoyment, training, entertainment, or other purposes, and not generally intended or represented to be a complete feed or supplement.“ If your treat is complete and balanced, that’s OK.

Oh. One more thing. The National Council of Weights and Measures (NCWM) has determined that any and all pet food, treats, chews, etc must all be measured by weight. “Each” is not acceptable.

I was proud of AAFCO – they tried to talk NCWM off the ledge. It didn’t work. Things may change later. But as of now, NCWMs goal is by January 2020 if you market something as an “each,” it must also have a weight.

For those who market antlers, hides, chews, and manufacture cookies and treats at home, this is where the difficulty lies. No elk antler is the same. Without using heavy duty equipment, no cookie is the same. Bulk bins presents a problem as well. “Each“ is a much easier way of describing these items than by weight. Retailers – this may affect you, too!

We are working on your behalf with industry and regulators. What the future holds is unclear. Store this information in your planning files. We will see what we can accomplish for you.

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