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Human Grade Pet Foods – AAFCO Forms New Working Group

_DSC3576As was recommended at the 2018 annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, AAFCO has formed a new working group to discuss human grade pet food.

“The Workgroup Mission shall be to utilize AAFCO’s current Terms, Definitions, and Guidance for Human Grade Pet Food claims and guidance from USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service, to develop Process Verified Program standards that will serve as a means of validating a firm’s ability to make human grade pet food claims.”

Because 53% of Next Gen PFMA’s members manufacture a human grade product, the trade association is an important member of this workgroup.

This is great news! Because our members tend to be the smaller companies, their processes are different than those of the “big players.” Furthermore, the importance of this issue is success or failure for some of our very small manufacturers driving home the importance of being included in these discussions.

Details of the workgroup meetings are confidential; thus will not be posted publicly. However, through one on one discussions, members’ needs/concerns will be obtained so as to be represented at the workgroup meetings. The next public report of the working group will occur in January at the mid-year meeting in Savannah Georgia.

Not yet a member but wont representation in these business critical discussions? Join here.

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