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In a bold move, on Friday, July 5, 2019, Lystn LLC, doing business as Answers Pet Food, filed in federal court to sueanswerspetitionpic the FDA. Amongst other issues, the lawsuit addresses the zero tolerance policy toward bacteria in raw pet food. Answers is making their stance on behalf of the entire real pet food industry!

Those last two sentences may seem like they don’t follow to you. But think about this: in my meeting with the FDA on June 27, I was told that there are no validated processes for raw pet food. We even discussed high-pressure pasteurization – HPP. I was told by the head of the Office of Surveillance and Compliance that HPP is not validated. Furthermore, they “have seen problems”.

What does this mean to me? When regulators finish destroying raw food in it’s straight up form, they will go after the other forms of raw: HPP, freeze dried, dehydrated. Nothing is safe in the quest for feathers in their ballcap ostensibly in the name of Public Safety.

We were devastated last year when Rad Cat was forced to close. I can imagine several regulators and the competition secretly smiling because to them it was evidence of a job well done. By the way, Rad Cat was an HPP product.

Back to the lawsuit:

How can you help Answers in their fight?

First, let’s remember who the competition really is. We did discuss this a few months ago in another post. The short version – any company who is a member, or should be a member, of Next Gen PFMA, is a compatriot. The competition is the 97% of the marketplace making conventional pet food. There is plenty of room in the marketplace for each one of our members and their companies!

Since we are all compatriots here, it makes it easy to voice support both privately and publicly.

Private support: contact the Answers team and tell them it’s a job well done.

Sign the petition: This petition is intended to demonstrate to the judge and regulators overseeing the Answers case to let them know how many people are in support of Answers.

Public support: I suggest writing a post or an email to your consumers. Let them know what’s being done to keep the real pet pet food industry in business. Encourage your customers to sign the petition as well.

Manufacturers: Have you ever been treated unfairly by regulators? Do you have similar stories to tell? Do you have examples that may help the Answers case? Consider if you are an interested party? What business practices have you had to change, at what expense, due to similar treatment is that described in the Answers lawsuit? I’m asking you to share your story. With me. With Answers. With the public.

Retailers: How has your business been impacted by regulatory practices? How many retail locations have lost business? Closed? Been forced to carry a “certain type of product”?

Consumers and concerned public: Please sign the petition. Please forward and post on Facebook. Please email your friends. Can we make this announcement go viral?

Remember who your competition is. It’s not each other! Even if you make a completely different style of food, we still need to support our colleagues. Let’s take this to the next level!

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