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What’s in Store at the AAFCO Meeting Next Week

file0001499846278Since the inception of this trade association over 2 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people. The AAFCO meeting is a great opportunity to meet up with these folks, touch base with them, see what’s going on in their industry, and discuss what’s new on our side of the fence.

It’s funny – even when I disagree with what these people represent in their jobs, I still like them as individuals, as people.

What does this have to do with the AAFCO meeting?

As we’ve all prepared for the upcoming meeting over the last couple of months I’ve received some wonderful guidance from, honestly, the “competition;” even “the other side of the fence” has been helpful.

And it’s because these are all some very nice people! They take their job seriously, just as we do. And when we’re diametrically opposed – good relationships helps us to see each other’s perspectives. Next Gen PFMA represents the real/fresh pet food industry in these meetings and discussions.

Some of the things that we will be discussing include:

  • updates to the human grade standards (don’t worry, the definition has not changed, we are codifying the verification process),
  • cleaning up the model bill, (this is the standard by which many states regulate pet feed, all feed really),
  • some new ingredient definitions (none of which impact our manufacturers),
  • and I’ll be participating in an FSMA seminar.

Should there be any updates, I’ll will let you know. Of course, I’ll continue to update you regarding the routine meetings in which we participate.

Outside of the official AAFCO meeting, we’re having an impromptu gathering Sunday evening, August 4,2019. We’ll meet with local (KY and IN) pet food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Meeting at Dundee Tavern at 7 PM to talk about the industry and how it relates to the real food sector.

Interested in more details about the AAFCO meeting? The detailed agenda can be found here.

The event information for Sunday night is here.


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