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Welcome to Next Gen PFMA

First, welcome to Next Gen PFMA!  We are so humbled to be the FIRST (and only) association dedicated to representing nutritionally defensible™  pet food and treat manufacturers — as well as  the distributors and retailers of these great products —  and we are honored to have you join us.

We were created to come alongside the 2% of smaller pet food manufacturers… those without the budget of Purina… those born of a passion for pets…. those who may have previously navigated regulations, law suits and recalls alone.  Not anymore.

Copy of youtubecover art templateFirst things first, please look to your right and sign up to receive updates from this site. That will ensure that you don’t miss any updates from the association.

Your membership doesn’t JUST include advocacy and grassroots lobbying (in fact, as executive director, I meet regularly with the FDA insisting they share the same information as is shared with PFI)  and representation at AAFCO.    We’ve also created a couple of “mission critical” guides for our members only.

  • The first is a Marketing document that helps our members continue to generate demand  for their products.  The more pet parents demand nutritionally defensible food for their pets, the more successful you are as a company and the more power we hold as a group.
  • The next is a full overview, check list and guide for FSMA preparation, created by me and designed specifically for our members who are smaller than the pet food giants these regulations were custom-created to fit.

Both are platinum member benefits and available to you with a simple email to me.  (Silver members can also pay to have access to this with a one time payment.)  These documents and guides have been a “draw” for recruiting new members to our cause.  Because there IS a certain “safety in numbers,” I ask that you not share these with non-members so that we can gain as many proud, principled pet food manufacturers to our association as possible.

Regardless of your level of membership, if you are faced with a recall or an inspection, if they are at your door, please call us before either begins.

Together, we will not only protect the ability to produce the pet food options we are so passionate about, but we are also being seen, heard and respected as a legitimate pet food category  by lobbyists, AAFCO and even the United States Government.

We’re honored by your support and humbled by the tasks ahead of us as an association.  With your support, I promise we’ll keep fighting for you.

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