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Victory! Raw Pet Milk Sales Re-open in New Jersey

We are exceptionally proud that Next Gen PFMA has played a significant role in the reopening of sales and Mleko w dzbankudistribution of raw pet milk in New Jersey. Since the very first day of the illegal actions by the New Jersey Department of Health, the only trade association which represents real pet food manufacturers, Next Gen PFMA, has worked aggressively to educate regulators to understand the delineation between human and pet food laws. Our efforts, combined with those of other amazing trade associations, as well as retailers, consumers, and our attorneys, allowed New Jersey regulators to fix their mistake.

As of Friday, May 10, 2019, we have email confirmation that the Department of Health will not interfere with the distribution of raw pet milk in New Jersey!

If you are not yet a member, now is the time to join! Even if the raw milk issue in New Jersey may not affect your business, it’s guaranteed there will be a similar issue on a similar day that will affect your business. Next Gen PFMA will be there for your real pet food business as well.

Not only do we represent the needs of manufacturers, but we also help the retailers and distributors of our members products. New Jersey is a perfect example. Our very initial alert came from a retailer who understood the large scale ramifications of the stop distribution order: he understood that not only would sales be affected, but most importantly, the health of the pets who are served by these products. Our first retail member in the trade association, this retailer was instrumental in providing initial information so the action could be overturned.

After a most educational and successful raw milk summit, more retailers and consumers were inspired to aid our actions. The result: lifting of the stop sale and stop distribution order by the New Jersey Department of Health!

This was a concerted effort between the parties listed below:

Next Gen PFMA, Cathy Alinovi

Association for Truth in Pet Food, Susan Thixton

Pet Food Justice

Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP, Rebecca Peterson

Lite DePalma Greenberg, Susana Cruz Hodge

Campaign for Real Milk, a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon Morrell and Pete Kennedy

Northeast Organic Farming Association, Joseph Heckman

Answers Pet Food

Consumers, distributors and retailers who called the NJ Department of Health, trade associations and senators offices.

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