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The Problem With Paying for “Insurance”

DSC03602-BThere’s nothing worse than paying every month for a service that you never use. In fact, reviewing monthly bank statements actually re-stimulates that annoyance each time.

What am I talking about? Monthly “membership dues” to the trade association.

Paying month after month for something that you’re not currently using can seem like more of a hassle than a benefit. But what are you really getting with your Next Gen PFMA monthly membership? You’re getting that business MRI… always available for when you need that level of healthcare.

When we opened our proverbial doors, there was no other association, no membership open to smaller batch pet food companies.  There was no one representing nutritionally defensible pet food companies.  No one advocating for them.  No one meeting with the FDA on your behalf.  No one giving you the “insider information” readily available to the big name pet food companies.

We’re not here selling clever packaging or digital phone service or e-commerce solutions.  We’re here to protect the longevity of your business’ ability to sell the products you’re so passionate about.

No other trade association is doing that for the fresh food industry.

We are here to provide the “safety in numbers” effect, to meet with the legislators and policy makers on your behalf, to relay information that makes it easier for you to navigate whatever issues may arise with recall requests or FSMA regulations.


Like your health insurance,

we’re here for when there’s a problem.

If there’s no problem… excellent.


But in reality, the problem is there, it just hasn’t knocked on your door yet. For some members, it has already knocked, come inside, and started causing problems. We are working individually with these members to help them through these times.

How in the world is that going on?

Look at the playing field: there’s an all out war going on right now! The war is between the grain free pet foods and the grain full pet foods. The war is between fresh food and highly processed food. And who has money to buy bigger weapons of mass distraction? That’s right-the highly processed pet food Industry. The industry that uses heavy amounts of grain in their foods.

Who is working to keep you in business? That’s right – the trade association with that annoying monthly fee. So when you’re looking to cut costs, remember there’s nobody else out there trying to keep you in business. Thank you for the continued opportunity to serve an industry I love!

Please join us tomorrow for our NGPFMA FSMA Conversation – live at Delta Island F, Gaylord Nashville, or on closed Facebook group. See post here.

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