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Our 2019 Game Plan

IMG_0033Like a good sports team or any business, Next Gen PFMA has a plan to continue supporting your needs and to further our efforts into 2019.

Staying with the sports analogy, we have both offensive and defensive strategic plans for the year; like a good team captain, we will share our plays as the situation finds it to be appropriate.

Each month, we will share blog posts which discuss (1) offensive strategies, (2) defensive plans, (3) industry updates and (4) developments in the trade association.

Offensive strategies are things that help with production – including updates from our discussions with the FDA and promotional strategies for our members. Defensive plans include effective use of the media, what to do when you receive the dreaded phone call, and how to face a potential recall. Industry updates will include the regulatory nitty-gritty, including updates regarding how we represented you at the AAFCO meetings (the 2019 January meeting starts next week). And finally, association updates will inform you, our members, of how our time is being spent-how we represent you outside of just AAFCO.

Not every play will include every team member, but know that every team member is crucial in the overall game. Here’s to a great year!

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