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Now the Blitzkrieg Starts

440px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-218-0504-36,_Russland-Süd,_Panzer_III,_Schützenpanzer,_23.Pz.Div._(cropped)A new attack is underway – now we’re dealing with a blitzkrieg.

We’ve been discussing the psychological operations (psy-ops) being used by the federal government – giving the public the impression that all bacteria are dangerous. Scientifically, it’s been shown that only some bacteria are dangerous and only above specific levels.

Recently, given the FSMA compliance date for all size manufacturers has been passed, the attack has increased in intensity – multiple raw pet food manufacturers have been visited in the last week. Multiple. Not one or two – multiple.

One inspector was reported as being told to gather product samples ASAP and to expedite it.

Some samples are being sent out of the state to “certain” laboratories.

This is not coincidence! This is a concerted, well-developed attack designed to destroy an industry.

It was scheduled.

It was planned.

The exact date, the manufacturer, the location, the procedure to follow – it was all planned in advance.

The German army called it a blitzkrieg in World War II.

The idea is to attack from so many different angles/fronts that your opponent doesn’t have time to react.

But we are ready. Our manufacturers know their rights and obligations. Our manufacturers have a trade association that not only represents them but helps them through these times. But the industry is ready – we even knew it was coming.

For those who want to double check that their procedures and plans are thorough, the trade association has developed a FSMA Compliance Checklist for Small and Very Small Manufacturers of Fresh Pet Food.

Members – send me an email (support@ngpfma.org) I’ll forward the document.

Not a member yet? Now is the time to join.

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