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It’s Time to Talk About HPP

DSCN1459The purpose of this post is not to tell you if HPP (high pressure pasteurization) is right or wrong. There are businesses who are manufacturing a fine quality raw product that is HPP processed. There are companies that are manufacturing fine quality raw products that are not HPP’ed. That is not my purpose.

The purpose here is to talk about whether or not moving to HPP is going to save your business. There are some manufacturers who are very successful out there right now and it’s because they are doing HPP. These were early adopters. These were manufacturers who were tested over 25 times each company (that’s not random – that’s persecution!!) during the FDAs (Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Agency) 2014 “raw roundup.” And for these companies, HPP is working. At massive start-up expense. And that doesn’t mean that HPP can’t work for your business either. Again, that’s not the point.

But here’s what I know:

Rad Cat was an HPP business. They’ve gone the way of the dinosaurs! HPP didn’t save them one bit! HPP treatment will. not. guarantee your business survival.

The director of the FDA’s Office of Surveillance and Compliance told me to my face on June 27, 2019 that they have “seen problems with HPP” and that “HPP is not validated.” End of story.

And yet we have raw manufacturers (only about half of our manufacturers make raw food) who, during FDA inspection, under the guise of FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act), are being encouraged by the inspectors move to HPP.

What gives? I mean really – can’t a government organization have continuity from top to bottom so that they all deliver the same message?

Think about this for a moment. The message is confusing. Not for one moment is this accidental.

Confusion is a critical component to psychological warfare (see a related post here).

Small and very small raw pet food manufacturers are confused. They know they have a good product – they buy USDA inspected and passed meats, they consult with those nutritionists who will consult with them, and their clients’ pets are thriving. But they are being told their product is dangerous.

They are being told of a ludicrous connection between dogs and cats eating raw meat, and while the animals are healthier than ever, with stomach pH under 3.0, somehow these animals are believed to amplify potential bacteria in their intestinal tract. Upon defecation, these animals might lick their anus then lick an immune suppressed person inside their mouth so as to transmit infectious levels of pathogenic bacteria to the human causing harmful health consequences. It’s far fetched. Really far fetched.

But so many officials are repeating this inanity that it becomes real in the mind of the unquestioning public.




Whether you chose to HPP your product is your choice. It’s a business decision. It should not be a strong-arm technique by government officials to drive a sector out of business.

Remember: the FDA has “seen problems” with HPP. it’s psychological warfare to tell you to use it then destroy your business anyway.

Remember Rad Cat – they are our Alamo!

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