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Conversations Continue

You might remember in December 2018, we, Next Gen PFMA, met with leaders at the Office of Surveillance and Compliance, FDA/CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine). Here’s how it went.   At that time, we began discussions to ascertain the origins of the FDA’s stance regarding zero tolerance for bacteria in raw pet foods. Between the government shutdown in January  and assumption of command by new leadership in February 2019 we’ve been delayed in continuing our conversations.

Good news: new leadership, Dr Tim Schell, Director Office of Surveillance and Compliance, has agreed to meet with us to continue these important discussions on June 27, 2019 at FDA offices in Rockville, MD.

To some, it may seem futile to discuss the origins of the FDA’s zero tolerance policy on bacteria in real pet foods; however, it is critical to the future of the industry to establish common ground with regulators. Currently, perception in the industry is that regulators do not see value in protecting the future of the real pet food industry – only through conversation and determining common ground can we find solutions to develop the real pet food industry.

The FDA has documented and established policies to develop the food industry. Just as regulators worked diligently with the romaine lettuce industry in 2018, through similar behaviors federal regulators can work with the real pet food industry. This begins through communication.

Recent APPA (American Pet Products Association)  data suggests the real pet food sector is almost 17% of the pet food industry. The sector is growing exponentially. The public (pet owners) wants to feed fresh food to their pets. Next Gen PFMA is committed to ensuring the real pet food industry thrives – ensuring the supply continues for consumers and independent retailers alike.

Not yet a member of Next Gen PFMA? Manufacturers join here  for a voice with regulators. Retailers also need representation to ensure their products remain available – join here.

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