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Next Gen Members are Growing at 40% a Year

Making up less than 10% of the pet food marketplace, Next Gen PFMA members (and those nutritionally defensible small pet food manufacturers who aren’t YET members) are growing at 40% per year! We’re growing, while  large conglomerate “crappy kibble’ players are losing ground – it’s no wonder they’re playing hardball …

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Hemp Anyone?

Currently, there is no ingredient definition for hemp and/or hemp products in pet food. The Ingredient Definitions Committee welcomes a manufacturer who will propose a definition. Methodology to request an ingredient be defined is well-detailed in the AAFCO OP (official publication). In the meantime – no definition – no use! …

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Next Gen Achieves 501c3 Status

We’re excited to let our current and future members know that we have finally achieved 501(c)(3) status for our association! This means your membership fees are now tax deductible, giving you yet another reason to value your Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association. We’re here to do everything we can …

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What will your customer say when they are asked?

Warning: The Pet Food Label Modernization Working Group is planning on polling your customers! In response to mandatory changes legislated by FSMA, the Pet Food Label Modernization Working Groups are working to update pet food labels, much as human food labels have already been updated. As the different working groups …

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Big week – amazing news and some frustration

Last week was a big week for Next Gen PFMA  for two reasons, one of which has me very frustrated (but equally determined) and the other is amazing news for all of our members. First,  it was a big week because we participated in two work groups for AAFCO.  We …

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How is the nonviolent resistance movement of Occupy Wall Street like the efforts of next generation pet food manufacturers association?

History is full of examples of violent interactions. War, violence, aggression – these are all synonymous for a situation that engenders winners and losers. There are some excellent examples of nonviolent struggles in history. These non-violent conflicts have intended to educate the public, political officials, legislators, and regulators about equality, …

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Next Gen PFMA members pledge to work with consumers

Several consumers have approached the association wanting to know how to reconcile their veterinarians’ recommendations to feed low protein pet food to dogs and cats in kidney failure while the owners’ desire to feed more species appropriate diets. As leaders in the pet food industry, the members of Next Generation …

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