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How is the nonviolent resistance movement of Occupy Wall Street like the efforts of next generation pet food manufacturers association?

History is full of examples of violent interactions. War, violence, aggression – these are all synonymous for a situation that engenders winners and losers. There are some excellent examples of nonviolent struggles in history. These non-violent conflicts have intended to educate the public, political officials, legislators, and regulators about equality, …

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Next Gen PFMA members pledge to work with consumers

Several consumers have approached the association wanting to know how to reconcile their veterinarians’ recommendations to feed low protein pet food to dogs and cats in kidney failure while the owners’ desire to feed more species appropriate diets. As leaders in the pet food industry, the members of Next Generation …

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Safety in Numbers (Why Flying Under the Radar will Backfire)

WARNING:  This post will include alarming information regarding federal regulations — increasing and already created at the rate of 520 EVERY DAY including Christmas in 2015.  This of course, doesn’t take any state regulations into account.   That’s why I urge you — if you’ve read nothing else about Next …

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By-laws Approved

The Constitution

Starting a nonprofit association for the first time is an interesting process. There are many steps, hurtles really, that must be surmounted before an organization can receive final validation as a nonprofit entity. Writing by-laws is one such hurdle. I am pleased to announce that as of this date, the …

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