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AAFCO Meetings

First Time Ever: Small Pet Food Manufacturers at AAFCO

For the first time, small manufacturers of high-quality pet food were represented at an AAFCO meeting. Pittsburgh, August 1-3, 20176 marked the first official forum attended by Next Gen PFMA. In pre-conference conversations, we were told the AAFCO policy is to wait a year before representatives of new trade associations …

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AAFCO Meeting 2014, Day 3

The Pet Food Committee The committee passed a motion to put a limit on how much calcium large breed dogs get, as they grow faster and longer and too much calcium can cause health issues – developmental bone diseases. But, then, the committee passed a motion to create a working …

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AAFCO Meeting 2014 Day 2

The Ingredients Definition Committee met this evening. Here’s an example of what they discussed: They want to approve a definition for zinc hydroxychloride as a feed additive to provide zinc, a required mineral, to livestock. The definition includes acceptable levels of heavy metals. Seriously, acceptable levels NOT equal to zero! …

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AAFCO Meeting 2014, Day 1

The “getting my bearings” meeting. There were 250+ representatives present from every state Department of Agriculture, the US federal government (FDA), the Canadian federal government (their FDA), and a whole lot of pet food industry representatives – oh, and a few consumers (one that I know of). Two hours of …

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