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Are you Registered?

file0001845175736As if there isn’t enough to do!

We spoke in a recent post about being sure to register your facility with the FDA, which is required every two years. Don’t forget, that each state in which a manufacturer distributes pet food, the company must license/register (it depends on the state which is required) annually.

Most states require this action to occur in January.

Do you have a spreadsheet of where you sell and when you registered?

Do you keep copies of the registration/licensing?

Mistakes/accidents happen – somethings slip through the cracks – it’s worth double-checking. (One of your colleagues fortuitously found where a mistake happened and was saved a severe penalty.)

As our industry, as represented by this trade association, moves forward challenging the “way things have always been done,” we must each be sure our t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. That way, we are beyond reproach.

Next Gen PFMA does have a guide for it’s members to be sure each state’s guidance is followed – it’s available for the asking.

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